What if you forget your bitcoin wallet password?


    Recently many people who bought bitcoin years ago find themselves sitting on an untouchable bounty. Those lucky guys who purchased or mined just a few bitcoins at the start of the age of cryptocurrency nowadays can boast about their savings. However, some of them are now in a painful limbo,because they can’t remember the complex security passwords needed to get to their bitcoin wallet. Unlike a bank, bitcoin has no central hotline to call for a reset. This is really a bad thing,it’s like forgetting a bank account password, but there’s no bank to call to reset it. That money is lost forever. That might be a lot of money at today’s exchange rate.

    Actyally, this bad thing happened to me last year, and my friend recommend this website:http://recovermybtc.com/ to me,she said she has retrieved her bitcoin wallet password through it,and I download this software,it really works after I used it,and you need to pay some service fee to them, but it’s not high,and I had retrieved my password through it,but I’m worried that after I use this software, my trading will be recorded in the software in the future,is it affected the money in my bitcoin wallet?

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