About to do something kinda crazy with my word seed, and I want some feedback before I jump. : Bitcoin



    I want my Bitcoin completely un-tethered. I want no physical element to the long-term storage of my Bitcoin.

    That means no hardware wallet, no paper wallet, no written word seed stashed in a book on a shelf, or in a safe, or in a safety deposit box. I want nothing that can be lost, destroyed, or stolen.

    Okay, so here’s my plan:

    I have my 12-word seed memorized. Like really memorized.

    But in the interest of safety and good practices, I’m going to take my 12-word seed, and encrypt it with a PGP private key.

    The encrypted text containing the 12-word seed will then be stored at a well-known free email service, that requires 2-factor authentication. This is so if someone targets me specifically, it would be much harder to gain access than simply throwing a key logger on my PC to acquire all of my passwords.

    The PGP private key required to decrypt the 12-word seed, will be stored at a different free email service that also requires 2-factor authentication.

    For now, for simplicity, we will assume that I have no family or anyone to leave my Bitcoin to, and only want a solution for myself.

    Thanks for your feedback, guys!

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